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Catch Up Funding 2020/2021


Funding expected £30240

Teaching and Learning

Assistant Head Teacher to lead on departmental action research projects to develop and ensure teaching excellence across the school £2228.70 All AoLs have conducted their research and will share top 3 strategies with other AoLs to be implemented across all teaching areas. All subject areas have found strengths which have impacted on student learning and knowledge retention over time, which we will now share more widely.

Targeted Support

Senior Learning Mentor (SLM) to provide 1:1 and small group tuition to identified students in Maths and English £11000 14 Year 11 students had regular catch up sessions with SLM.

SLM has supported 2 Year 10 maths groups where target grades are borderline 3/4 and 4/5 and 10 specific students.

She has worked with various small groups in Year 7 and 8 classes where Maths teachers had identified catch-up need following on from the Jan-March school closures.

SLM is currently completing catch-up literacy training this term, which has proven to be the most effective reading intervention for KS3 students.

ATA to support students within lessons £5351 An ATA has worked with a range of Year 11 students across all 4 classes as they prepared for their final English assessments. Student really value these opportunities and have benefitted from support and reached or exceeded target grades.
Catch up Literacy for KS3 students £8562 This has proved our most successful intervention strategy so we have invested in training and additional member of staff to start delivering the training in the last few weeks of this year. To continue next year.
Teaching Staff in FLZ to support students £5504 This was most successful where teachers of core subjects supported students. Although students did use the time to catch up on coursework, they struggle to work independently. In the KS3 HUB all staff have now been directed to deliver a specific intervention rather than students completing homework independently. If we continue with the FLZ next year, the same to be introduced here.
Increased staffing in humanities to allow smaller groups in Geography and RE £5152 Year 11 grades in geography have continued on their upward trend.
Assistant Headteacher – overview and monitoring catch up targeted strategies £2228

Wider Strategies

Outdoor Education £10698 Selected students have accessed the outdoor education programme this year. This is currently being extended so all students are able to benefit from an element of outdoor education next year. Where possible and appropriate SLM has supported outdoor education, which has enabled positive relationships to be built and drawn upon in additional Maths support sessions. Team capacity increased for 2021-22. Planning team in place to focus on a whole curriculum offer.
Flourish Curriculum A termly rolling programme has now been introduced. Several adjustments have been made over the terms and sessions are now running successfully and allow us to offer a range of enrichment opportunities that have been missed during school closures, and missed due to extra restrictions once schools reopened.
Review of behaviour policy We continue to review our behaviour policy. Whilst there have been many positives to arise from a more restorative approach, we will rebuild into our behaviour policy once COVID restrictions are lifted, outcomes such as making up lost learning time, and removal to a support classroom.


Total projected spend was £50,723.

Much of this spending was committed from the staffing budget prior to Catch Up funding being confirmed. Approximately £17,000 of the above spending is ‘new spending’ and therefore as the school identifies students requiring access to the National Tutoring Programme, it would be possible to redirect more of the Catch Up funding to this work.


Katie Draper
Assistant Headteacher Achievement and Progress