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Our Aim

The Computing department aims to develop the skills of our students so they can use ICT to create programs, systems and a range of digital content. Students will be digitally literate, so they are able to find and communicate information, develop ideas, evaluate and critically reflect on their own, and their peers’ work. These skills are essential for students, as the use of technology increases in all aspects of society. Lessons are planned to be fun, interesting and as challenging as possible. Online safety is a key aspect of the curriculum.

ICT Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to ensure that the Computing and Digital Literacy content is completely covered over years 7, 8 and 9. Students will learn a range of skills and concepts including:

  •  Introduction to computers
  •  Computer security
  •  Programming ( use of two programming languages, one textual)
  •  Spreadsheets and databases
  •  Computer graphics
  •  Web publishing

ICT Key Stage 4

Students at Key Stage 4 currently follow the BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production.

The course has two internally assessed components and one that is externally assessed.

Component 1: Explore digital media products

Component 2: Develop digital media production skills

Component 3: Create a media product in response to a brief.

Extra Curriculum

We offer lunch time and after school sessions to give students the opportunity to improve coursework to a higher standard, catch up on coursework, seek guidance on homework or improve their ICT skills.