Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an internationally recognised award which encourages initiative, self-reliance and teamwork in a non-competitive environment.

This opportunity is open to students from Year 10. The Award's objective is to develop young people's personal skills and to broaden their range of experiences.

There are four sections which involve learning a new skill; undertaking a service to others, for example, charity work; participating in physical recreation and undertaking a number of expeditions.

Each participant chooses what they wish to do in the following three sections over a period of six months:

  • SERVICE: Pupils take part in some form of training then show a regular commitment. Students at Nidderdale take this opportunity to help local charities and their community.
  • SKILLS: Here is an opportunity to improve any interest you already have or to start a new one. It can include art, music and drama outside lessons at Nidderdale.
  • PHYSICAL RECREATION: Many pupils who take part in sport at Nidderdale can develop their fitness and talent with regular attendance at practices. Other pupils often develop their interest in non-team sports.
  • EXPEDITION: This section is organised by Nidderdale and groups of students train to carry out an overnight expedition carrying personal and camping equipment. Training takes place in lunchtimes and one weekend.

For more details please contact Mr Biggs, Teacher of PE at School on 01423 711246.