Attendance target 95.5%

We encourage and reward good attendance.  Every student’s good attendance is vital as it has a clear link with progress, attainment and more positive life changes. Students must come to school every day they are not ill.

We work closely with the Local Authority and the Officer for Behaviour and Attendance to deal with truancy, term time holidays and casual absenteeism.

Students who attend less than 90% (the equivalent of one day off school per fortnight) are classed as Persistent Absentees.  It has been shown statistically that students with only 90% attendance may achieve at least one grade below expectation in all their GCSE subjects.

Over a period of five school years, a student with only 90% attendance will have missed nearly two thirds of a whole year of his/her schooling. Similarly, students with poor punctuality miss valuable lesson time and, if it happens regularly, progress will be jeopardised. Lateness to school will be sanctioned.

If you know your child will not be able to attend school, you must ring the school on the day of absence, for safeguarding reasons.

The best way to achieve good attendance and punctuality is to keep the routine going: coming to school on time every single day.

Attendance %

Absence per week/fortnight

Absence per year

Absence over 5 year period


Half day

2 weeks

Quarter of a year


Half day weekly

4 weeks

Half a year


One and half days fortnightly

6 weeks

Three quarters of year


One day weekly

8 weeks

One year


Two and half days fortnightly

10 weeks

One and quarter years


One and half days weekly

12 weeks

One and half years


Three and half days fortnightly

14 weeks

One and three quarter years


Two days weekly

16 weeks

Two years


Four and half days fortnightly

18 weeks

Two and a quarter years


Two and half days weekly

20 weeks

Two and half years

The table below highlights how important punctuality is.

Daily lateness

Equates to...

 5 minutes late

 3 days lost per school year

 10 minutes late

 6.5 days lost per school year

 15 minutes late

 10 days lost per school year

 20 minutes late

 13 days lost per school year

 30 minutes late

 19 days lost per school year

Research shows that if a student misses 17 days in a school year, he/she falls one whole grade below expected results in their GCSE examinations across ALL subjects.

Attendance affects attainment: fact

Having analysed GCSE results and attendance, the facts are:

Percentage attendance within a year

How students performed


9 grades are below targets


8 grades are below targets


6 grades are below targets


4 grades are below targets


3 grades are below targets

Over 96%

2 grades are above predicted targets