Kenya School Link - News Update

Kenya News October 2014

The recent Nidderdale Agricultural Show marked one year since teachers from our link schools visited us. A lot has happened in the background with the link since then and efforts are being made to bring these initiatives to fruition before moving on to new things. The recent key educational foci have been to involve students in the development of agricultural/gardening plots in and around their schools and to produce a book that helps with an understanding of the geographical and social contexts within which the schools, the students and their families operate. The agricultural projects are intended as an opportunity for students to learn more about growing techniques and issues around farming. They are also intended as a way of involving the communities surrounding the schools in some of the school’s educational activities and as a resource for interested gardeners. The book is intended as a PHSCE project that develops student’s awareness of global issues. 

The Agricultural Projects.

Mwera Farm.

On our last visit to the schools in Kenya, we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that Mzizima Primary School had donated a plot of land from its own school site for the development of Mwera Farm. This plot had an area of 2-3 acres and had already been cultivated by Mr Chengo, a teacher at Mzizma Primary School, with the help of people from the local community.

Mr Chengo had planted a variety of crops including, tomatoes, cassava, maize, watermelons and peppers. He had also set up a shop from which to sell some of the produce and was planning to take some of it to sell at the local markets. All income from the project is being directed towards the further development of Mwera Farm and the school.

As we had arrived with £3000, gathered through many fund-raising events, to buy land for the farm, we were very happy at the news that this was not necessary. We were also amazed at how much progress Mr Chengo and the school had made. We had also discovered that land is very expensive and difficult to purchase and that our £3000 might have bought 1 acre! All in the project are enormously grateful to Lawrence Mumba, the Head Teacher at Mzizima Primary and the Governing Body, for making this land available for the Farm and for making access available to the other Kenyan schools in the link.


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