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SEND information

The Learning Support Centre (LSC) is managed by the school SENCO (Jenn Blunstone) who is supported by various teaching staff and teaching assistants.   It specialises in literacy and numeracy teaching for students who are not progressing in line with expectations, lack confidence, have  gaps in knowledge or specific learning needs and a specialist programme to meet their needs and enable them to make more rapid progress in core skills.

The Learning Support Centre is adjoined to the school library and the teaching space can adapt to the needs of the students who may work 1:1 or in small groups using traditional teaching methods or on lap tops, tablets or PCs on teaching applications and programmes that are designed to produce rapid improvement. These programmes include Units of sound and Lexia.

It is not intended students work in the LSC exclusively and most students have selected lessons in the LSC and most lessons with their usual classes and the groups and students who attend the LSC lessons are reviewed 6 times a year and provision maps updated to guide teachers in other subjects on what teaching methods are most appropriate and what levels of differentiation are required to enable students to access the curriculum.

Flexible Learning Zone (FLZ) 

Staffed by a full time ATA and supported depending on teacher/student ratio by Learning Mentors if required.

The FLZ as the name suggests is a highly adaptable learning environment that mainly supports students from year 9,10 and 11 whose progress and eventual outcomes have become vulnerable and a more intensive and personalised approach is required. Students who attend the FLZ have either been dis-applied from a particular subject area for social and emotional or academic reasons.

When a student is referred to the FLZ and their timetable is changed this is done in full consultation with parents and a Student’s Academic Intervention Log (SAIL) is written and reviewed regularly (every two weeks at Vulnerable Learners’ Meetings).

The FLZ is a highly effective intervention resource where the teaching is pre planned and activities specifically designed to benefit the student’s wider academic progress and all the students will be working to an individual plan that benefits their progress to achieving improved grades in both controlled conditions and with coursework. There is never one lesson plan in the FLZ and activities are specific to each student and the students work with a high level of independence and their progress is logged and SAILs updated and communicated to teachers and parents.

Pastoral Support Centre

The Pastoral Support Centre is managed by our Senior Pastoral Officer Ms Walker who is supported by Key Stage 3 and 4 Learning Managers (Mrs Wright, Mrs Ashton) and a Senior Learning Mentor (Ms Ada).

The facility supports students’ social and emotional needs and 95% of its work is preventative and restorative and is designed to protect students and lessons from any social or emotional issues that arise or cause distress to either an individual student or a class or group of students.

Ms Walker is highly skilled and qualified in supporting students and parents and works closely with outside agencies to ensure that specialist support and referrals are made when necessary.

If students require behaviour support or sanctions due to a lapse in their behaviour and their removal from lessons they work in behaviour support / isolation in controlled conditions and a reintegration plan is written and communicated to teachers and parents are informed and often invited in for a meeting.   The main aim of the behaviour support / isolation facility is to minimise the need to exclude students to home.

Adaptive and Alternative curriculum 

The school operates three main pathways to match the academic and SEND needs for students of all abilities. This allows the more able to be stretched and challenged and that students who need to smaller classes for some subjects can access them.

Some students in key stage four have their curriculum adapted to suit their specific learning needs and styles. The courses we currently run through strong local partnerships with specialist providers are Outdoor Education at Bewerley Park specialist centre and Applied Art GCSE at the No 6 Workshop in Pateley Bridge.

If these courses or our in-school options do not meet the needs of students our Alternative Curriculum Coordinator and Careers Advisor will identify a suitable college course and transport is provided to meet the specific needs of the student.

Local Authority Nurse

Students who may require specialist medical support for any physical needs or counselling for any emotional issues that might arise can see the school nurse who has pre scheduled appointments made by our Senior Pastoral Officer. The school will ensure in school support is in place after the school nurse has made an assessment and written a care plan. Students and parents can also request appointments and if they wish the reasons for these referrals may stay confidential.

More SEND information can be found in our SEND offer by clicking here.