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Strong GCSE Performance 2017/18

Strong GCSE Performance 2017/18

Nidderdale High School is celebrating another year of strong GCSE performance across a wide range of subjects. 

Overall, 71% of students achieved at least a Grade 4 (broadly equivalent to a Grade C) in English and 69% achieved this level in Maths. The majority of these students achieved the more challenging 'Strong Pass' mark of Grade 5.

Students continue to excel across a wide range of subjects, with eleven subjects achieving an overall Grade 4-9 pass rate of 80% or higher. Eight of these subjects, including History, the Separate Sciences and Food & Nutrition achieved at least 70% Grade 5 or higher. Headteacher Kath Jordan said, “This year students and staff have shown incredible resilience. The combination of new, more demanding content, more and longer exams and limited sample exam papers in most subjects has been challenging for all concerned and that makes this year’s results all the more impressive. A significant number of our students have also had to face health related or personal challenges and we are delighted that they have been able to show the determination required to succeed in such circumstances. The support of parents, community mentors and our Governing Body also play a huge part in our success.” 

The school's commitment to 'Achievement for All' was shown again this year with almost 40% of students achieving at least one 7-9 grade or A*/A grade. Some notable individual achievements include: Jack Kirk who achieved the new highest Grade 9 in 6 subjects, together with an A* and 2 Grade 7s, Jonah Wild achieved 5 Grade 8s, 2 A* Grades and 3 Grade 7s, whilst Madi Penney achieved 3 Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s and 2 A Grades.

Students are pictured with their results.

Ms Jordan said, “We are incredibly proud of the progress that all of our students have made and we expect this to be reflected in the progress measures that will be published nationally. This year we expect to be well above the national average, despite some of our students’ achievements not being recognised in these measures. This cohort of students took their French GCSE in the Summer of 2017 and achieved an 85% A*-C pass rate with 25% of students achieving A*/A. These amazing results will not be included in the official progress data that is published nationally.” 

The school has continued to enter students for some subjects at the end of Year 10.

This year students have had an early taster of successes to come with 77% achieving Grade 5-9 in French and an impressive 35% gaining the highest Grades 7-9.

The staff and governors wish all students well in their chosen paths.