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Year 6 - Congratulations on your place at Nidderdale High School

Dear Year 6 students

We are delighted to hear that you will be coming to Nidderdale High School in September 2020 and we are really looking forward to you joining us.

Moving to Secondary School can be a really exciting time but it can also make you feel a bit nervous. We want to make your transition to Nidderdale High School as happy and worry free as possible. Our transition process this year is likely to be different from previous years and the transition team of staff and students are working together on ways to create a more virtual transition programme.

In previous years the first part of your transition to secondary school would involve a member of the Senior Leadership Team visiting you at your Primary School so that you could talk to them about subjects you like and tell them all about your hobbies and interests. This year, your teacher at primary school will receive an email from Nidderdale High School asking them for some information about you, and you will receive a postcard from a student in our Key Stage 3 Leadership Team asking you about yourself, your hobbies and any questions you may have about starting secondary school, with a stamped envelope for you to reply to school or you could email

Our team will then look for ways they can set up virtual responses to your questions, alongside a virtual tour of the school and an introduction to some key members of staff.

Usually, the most important part of our transition programme is to visit Nidderdale High School and the chance to meet your new classmates and your teachers. We just don’t know yet whether this will be possible but if we are able to the planned dates are:

· Thursday 2nd July: Transition day 1: This is your first Transition Day where all the Year 7’s will join us for a day of exciting lessons.

· Thursday 2nd July: 6 – 7:00pm: Parents Evening: This is where you and your parents are invited to come and meet the staff again and have the chance to ask any further questions.

· Thursday 9th July: Transition day 2: This is your second Transition Day where you will meet up again with the teachers and friends you met the week before.

In the meantime why don’t you have a look at our school website at to see what we have been up to over the past year. Your parents may also want to look at our Twitter Feed @NidderdaleS or our Instagram account @nidderdaleflourish.