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Year 7

Half term 1:

Histoical skills

  •  Bias
  •  Perspective
  •  Reliability
  •  Primary/Secondary sources
  •  Utility

1.            When and how was Britain invaded by the Romans?

2.            How significant was the Roman invasion of Britain?

3.            Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

4.            Were the Vikings really vicious?

5.            Who should be King?

6.            What happened at Stamford Bridge?

7.            What happened at the Battle of Hastings?

8.            How did Harold die?

9.            What was the Feudal System?


1.            How did William keep control?

2.            What was the Harrying of the North?

3.            What were stone keep castles like?

4.            Who would buy a castle?

5.            Who lived in a castle?

6.            How did castles develop?

7.            How could the enemy attack a castle?

8.            What made a good medieval King?

9.            Who were the medieval Kings of England?


1.            What was King John like?

2.            What do Historians say about King John?

3.            What happened to King John and France?

4.            What was the Magna Carta?

5.            Was King John a bad King?

6.            What caused the Peasants’ Revolt?

7.            What happened during the Peasants’ Revolt?

8.            What were the outcomes of the Peasants’ Revolt?


1.            Why was the Church so important in the Middle Ages?

2.            Why did some people question the church?

3.            What was the impact of the Islamic world?

4.            Why did some people question the church?

5.            How and why did the Crusades start?

6.            Saladin and Richard I- Who’s best?

7.            What was the Black Death?

8.            How destructive was the Black Death?


1.            What were the War of the Roses?

2.            Was Henry VII a gangster?

3.            Who were the Tudors?

4.            Why do we remember Henry VIII more than Henry VII?

5.            What do we know about Henry VIII?

6.            What was the Reformation?

7.            How did the Reformation change the church?

8.            Who was Martin Luther?

9.            Why did the Mary Rose sink?

10.          How “bloody” was Bloody Mary?

11.          Why was the Tudor period a religious roller coaster?

12.          Why did Elizabeth have portraits painted?

13.          What happened during the Spanish Armada?

Year 8

1.            Why was the Civil War so shocking?

2.            What caused the Civil War?

3.            Why was there a Civil War in England?

4.            What happened during the English Civil War?

5.            What was the impact of the Civil War?

6.            Why was Charles’ trial so shocking?

7.            Why are there different views about Charles I?

8.            Why is Cromwell so controversial?

9.            Why were Cromwell’s actions at Drogheda so shocking?

10.          What was Cromwell like?

11.          What should Cromwell’s death mask have looked like?


1.            Why was there a revolution in France?

2.            What caused the French Revolution?

3.            How divided was French Society in 1780s?

4.            Why were the French so angry with their King?

5.            Why did the Bourgeois defy their King?

6.            Why was France on the brink of revolution in June 1789?

7.            Why did the French people storm the Bastille?

8.            Did the French people get what they wanted? Assessment

9.            Why did the French people kill their King?

10.          How significant were the last years of the Revolution?


1.            What was Life like in 1750?

2.            Why did the population explode?

3.            What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on the landscape?

4.            What was it like in a factory?

5.            What were standards of living like?

6.            What were standards of living like?

7.            What did Child labour involve?

8.            How did transport change during the Industrial Revolution?


1.            What was the slave triangle?

2.            What was the Middle Passage?

3.            How were slaves sold?

4.            What was life like on a plantation?

5.            How were slaves punished?

6.            How did slaves rebel?

7.            How did slavery end?


1.            How should we remember British rule in India?

2.            Why did Britain want an Empire?

3.            How did Britain take control over India?

4.            What role did the East India company play in the takeover of India?

5.            How did Britain rule India?

6.            Why was India the “Jewel in the British Crown” of the British Empire

7.            What started the Indian rebellion

8.            How important was Ghandi in ending British rule in India?


1.            Who are the Native Americans?

2.            Who were the Sioux Indians?

3.            How important were the buffalo?

4.            What did Native Americans believe?

5.            How did the Sioux survive on the plains?

6.            How did the plains change?

7.            Why did homesteaders settle on the plains?

8.            What happened at the Battle of Little Bighorn?

9.            Was Custer to blame?

10.          Why did the Native Americans lose control?



Year 9

1.            What were the long term causes of WW1?

2.            What happened to Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

3.            Why did men join the Great War?

4.            What was it like in the trenches?

5.            What went wrong during the Battle of the Somme?

6.            How were tanks used during the Battle of the Somme

7.            Assessment- Was Haig a hero or a butcher? Preparation lesson

8.            Assessment- Was Haig a hero or a butcher? Completion of assessment.

9.            What happened to Private Harry Farr?

10.          What happened at Passchendaele?

11.          What happened to men who refused to fight?

12.          What was Britain like during WW1?

13.          Does what happened then matter now?

14.          Why is it important to remember?


1.            Why did the war end?

2.            What should happen to Germany at the end of the First World War?

3.            What was life like in Imperial Russia?

4.            Was Tsar Nicholas a good leader?

5.            Who was Rasputin?

6.            How did Tsar Nicholas lose power?

7.            Did all of the Russia royal family die?

8.            What was Lenin’s Russia like?

9.            How did Josef Stalin rule the USSR?

10.          Assessment. Self/Peer/Teacher

11.          How ideal were Victorian women?

12.          Who were the Suffragists and Suffragettes?

13.          What opposition to the vote did women face?

14.          What was Britain like after the First World War?


1.            What were the Jim Crow Laws?

2.            What happened to Emmett Till?

3.            How useful is the music of Bob Dylan?

4.            What was Plessy V Ferguson about?

5.            What happened on the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

6.            Who were the KKK?

7.            Why were the KKK so powerful?

8.            What role did MLK play?

9.            Will any dream do?

10.          Why did people turn to violence?


1.            What was Hitler’s youth like?

2.            Why did Hitler become the leader of Germany?

3.            Why were the Nazis so popular?

4.            How did Hitler change young peoples’ feelings towards the Nazis?

5.            How did the Nazis treat women and the family?

6.            What was life like in Nazi Germany?

7.            Who were Hitler’s henchmen?

8.            Why did Hitler persecute minorities?


1.            What were the Nuremberg Laws?

2.            What was Kristallnacht?

3.            What was the Holocaust?

4.            How much did the Germans know?

5.            How would you respond to the Holocaust?

6.            How useful is Schindler’s List as a historical source?

7.            How useful is Schindler’s List as a historical source?

8.            How useful is Schindler’s List as a historical source?

9.            Holocaust Assessment

10.          Was Dunkirk a success or a failure?

11.          Who were the few?

12.          What was the Blitz like?

13.          How significant a turning point in World War II was the cracking of Enigma?


1.            What was Operation Overlord?

2.            What problems did D-Day face?

3.            What happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

4.            Why did America lose the Vietnam War?


Year 10

AQA History: Paper One

1)      Conflict and Tension between East and West, 1945-1972

2)      America, 1920-1973: Opportunity and inequality


Year 11

AQA History: Paper Two

1)      Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day

2)      Norman England, c1066-1100