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Physically active people enjoy a healthier and more fulfilled life, knowledge of activity and the benefits are of paramount importance to the Physical Education curriculum at Nidderdale High School. We create a positive, enjoyable and fun learning climate where students develop their confidence, competence and competitiveness. Physical Education and school sport in our school is fun, enjoyable, inclusive and challenging. Students engage in lessons which aim to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding/confidence, competence and competitiveness. The short term and long-term effects of exercise, confidence to participate, knowledge of where and how to access it are all reflected in a progressive/contemporary and balanced curriculum.

A balanced curriculum is reflected in the range of activities that are delivered. All students participate in a variety of invasion games, net/wall games, target games, health and fitness, striking and fielding, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics. A progressive curriculum is reflected in the delivery of non-traditional activities such as stoolball, handball and ultimate frisbee. our Physical Education curriculum meets and exceeds the aims outlined by the National Curriculum.

High levels of physical activity is at the heart of every curricular and extracurricular PE activity in our school. In addition to the required two hours curricular Physical Education every week, all students can take advantage of a rich and broad extracurricular physical activity programme. Firstly, students can engage in a variety of lunchtime and extracurricular physical activities. Secondly, the schools house system is taken advantage of in PE where by students can compete for their house in a range of different competitive physical activities in PE lessons and after school. Finally, students have the opportunity to represent our school and the county in a variety of competitive sporting fixtures.

Throughout the curriculum students explore a range of roles that include leadership, officiating and coaching. The benefits of physical activity are frequently addressed, and students are asked to consider the positive impact of their continued, and lifelong involvement in physical activity and sport in the future. A student committee compromising of house captains and sport leaders give students the opportunity to develop their organising and leadership skills, by contributing to the house competition programme and supporting the Harrogate primary school sport partnership.

NiddVenture and Outdoor Education

There are numerous opportunities to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities which present intellectual and physical challenges and be encouraged to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group. These activities are also linked to pastoral interventions across school, we are very proud of the successes these bring.

At Key Stage 4, in addition to core Physical Education, students can opt to take the OCR PE GCSE which consolidates and extensively builds on knowledge, skill and understanding acquired from Key Stage 3 PE. This theoretical and practical course prepares students for further study of PE or sports science courses as well as other related subject areas such as Psychology, Sociology and Biology. Students also develop transferable skills that are required by further education, Higher Education and employers in all sectors of the industry. Finally, students develop their own performance in activities of their choosing and develop their understanding of socio-cultural influences on participation in sport and the benefits of physical activity to health, fitness, and well-being. The impact of this course will prepare students for their next steps beyond secondary school, also inspiring further study and engagement in Physical Education.