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The History curriculum enables students to develop an empathetic understanding of the past and world around them. Students will consider their understanding of historical events and appreciate how people can learn from the mistakes of the past when looking to the future. The interpretation of sources, events and people throughout History will inspire analysis and evaluation skills. Expertise within the classroom and the choice of lesson or activity will underpin the investigative values of the curriculum. Students will also develop their enquiry skills and the application of reliability and bias are paramount to the objectives within individual units and across both Key Stages.

The literacy development opportunities within the units of work will develop students’ ability to articulate their responses and evaluate the significance of events. Further reading and research will be signposted by teachers as History lends itself to students taking responsibility for further development. Unit content will be used to give a wide range of themes, this will in turn allow students to understand the influence of Britain in the past and its place in the world today.

Students will have a coherent knowledge of these events and come to conclusions about the social, economic and moral factors within them. It is imperative for students and staff to develop their understanding of the complexity of people’s lives, the diversity of society and relationships between different groups.

To understand the connections between local, regional, national and international history will provide our students with context throughout their historical enquiry. The cultural, military, political and religious history will add understanding to many of the units and themes followed at Key Stage Three. Central to this understanding is the aim that this curriculum provides opportunity to learn, analyse and evaluate historical significance in all lessons and across a broad curriculum.

At Key Stage Four students follow the AQA History GCSE specification, consolidating and further developing the skills of Key Stage Three. The impact of this course will prepare the students for their next steps to learning, also inspiring further study into some of the historical events covered. The breadth of the content allows students to investigate Elizabethan times, Medicine through time, the impact of the Cold War and America between the 1920s and 1970s.

Students will understand the events covered but also consider the impact of these events both at the time and the longer-term impact on the Twenty-first Century world.