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Students who apply and understand their place in a global society will be prepared for an ever changing and globalised world. Creating a learning experience whereby the students can see the influence in that global society is paramount to the successful Geography curriculum at Nidderdale. The expertise of those adults in the classroom will provide an environment of enquiry and discovery, utilising their experience, multimedia and a variety of learning activities.

The Geography curriculum provides opportunities to discover places and concepts which will influence and shape the young people’s love for the world and the diversity within it. Learning about different cultures and aspects of locations around the world will allow an empathy and understanding and an individual drive to discover and experience these places and people for themselves, beyond the classroom.

The Locational and Place knowledge of Key Stage Three is tailored to include aspects of a variety of countries, environmental regions and geographical processes through the study of both human and physical characteristics. The continued development of Geographical skills underpins the curriculum with their application a feature of all units within Key Stage Three. Fieldwork skills will be introduced, developed and evaluated throughout a number of the curriculum units at Key Stage Three. Opportunities to access the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in which Nidderdale lies, will also be incorporated into the Geography curriculum, whether that be through local river studies, the importance of hard engineering (dams/reservoirs) or the study of stunning limestone formations and scenery.

The curriculum allows for cross-curricular skills to be honed and practised, whether that be Mathematical skills of interpretation and calculation or the development of scientific understanding when learning about physical processes and environmental impact. Students will understand through a number of different units the human and physical geography which ultimately influences the distinctive landscapes and geographical concepts that change over time.

Students will be able to appreciate the role of places and global issues in the twenty-first century world celebrating some aspects but indeed questioning others. Being able to consider the impact of their generation and striving for a more sustainable future is central to Geography at Nidderdale.

At Key Stage Four students aim to consolidate their skills and develop knowledge across the full spectrum of understanding in Geography. Following the AQA GCSE Geography specification, students will consider the challenge of natural hazards, the living world and physical landscapes of the UK. They will develop their understanding of the challenges which arise in the human environment, applying this to urban issues and challenges and the changing economic world. Students will also consider the impact of resource management on the world today and that of the future, while applying the skills, with confidence, that they have learned throughout their Geography curriculum.