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The global nature of the world and the role that languages have upon the communication, trade and interdependence underpins a relevant and worthwhile languages curriculum at Nidderdale. Students will be exposed to a broad Languages curriculum, which is rich in skills and knowledge promoting diversity and tolerance of other cultures. The breadth of which will incorporate, in the first instance, French, German and Spanish language courses. Distinct languages will be delivered in on year blocks to allow students a breadth of experience. The very nature of the subject lends itself to inspire curiosity and to develop a real sense of self-efficacy in the learning of languages.

Throughout Key Stage Three students are encouraged to think and work independently and to learn to conjugate and use verbs in a range of tenses and contexts in order to be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken work in the target language. Students are encouraged to research life in the countries where the languages are spoken and to learn about the life of families and young people in these countries too.

The opportunity to utilise language skills, receptively and productively, for effective and accurate communication will be central to the curriculum. Students will develop their understanding of vocabulary across the given language and be able to apply this to specific practical situations. They should find confidence in time to access new and unfamiliar language. Referencing skills will be taught and practised within the units of work covered, skills which will aid the students overall learning across the whole curriculum.

Speaking and writing skills, reading and pronunciation skills, and use of memory all are paramount throughout the curriculum and students will understand the importance of all of these and be inspired to practise these skills throughout lessons, and beyond the classroom. The building blocks of learning in Key Stage Three inform the studies in Key Stage Four and students will have the opportunity to follow GCSE French and/or German at this point.