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Science at Nidderdale High School incorporates the three Science core subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Subject specialists deliver an exciting and developmental curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4, which allows students to learn about each of these subjects in detail in order to prepare them for future examinations and to enable them to function effectively in an increasingly complex world. The curriculum includes both practical and theoretical science activities. It is aimed at helping students understand the Science they will be presented with in their lives on a day-to-day basis and at developing students to be excellent Global Citizens.

Throughout the curriculum students will build on prior learning whilst honing their Science practical and thinking skills. The Key Stage 3 curriculum is taught over two years and aims to build on knowledge from Key Stage 2 and to prepare students well for studies at GCSE level.

Topics included in the year 7 Key Stage 3 Biology scheme of work include Cells, Human and Plant Reproduction and Interdependence. In year 8, topics include Microbes and Disease, Movement and Respiration and Breathing.

Topics included in the year 7 Key Stage 3 Chemistry scheme of work include The Particle Model, Atoms, Elements and Compounds and Acids and Alkalis. In year 8, topics include The Periodic Table, Metal Reactions and The Earth and its Resources.

Topics included in the year 7 Key Stage 3 Physics scheme of work include Forces and their Effects, Electric Circuits, The Solar System, and Energy. In year 8, topics include Sound, Light, Magnets and Electromagnets and Heat Transfer.

At Key Stage Four students aim to build on knowledge and skills developed at Key stage 3 in order to prepare them for GCSE examinations and Science learning beyond Nidderdale High School. Students study either the AQA Separate Science GCSE specification in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or the AQA Combined Science Trilogy GCSE specification depending upon a combination of performance and progress at Key Stage 3 and student aspirations. All courses are available at Foundation or Higher level so that a route is open to students of all abilities and aspirations. AQA GCSEs have been developed with teachers to ensure engagement and to challenge students to reach their full potential.