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The opportunity to explore and reflect on experience and their overall development is paramount for students at Nidderdale High School. The management of relationships through empathy and discussion allows for respect to underpin the whole of the PSHCE curriculum, this in turn will create reasoned and mature responses from the young people within lessons and in situations beyond the classroom. A wide range of activities across and beyond the curriculum allows students to gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthier, and to deal with the spiritual, social, moral, and cultural issues that can arise.

Wellbeing and self-esteem are developed through the curriculum and the encouragement of self-belief and confidence in an individual are successfully linked to the achievement of life goals, both in terms of their time in school, future courses or ultimately, careers. Students learn effectively about themselves as growing and changing individuals and as members of their communities with increased maturity and independence. Students become more self-aware, capable of moral reasoning and therefore take more responsibility for their actions, while considering the views, needs, beliefs and rights of others. Ultimately decisions made are thought through effectively, considering the views and ideas of others, while making informer decisions about safety.

During recent developments we have introduced our Flourish programme to complement our academic curriculum. As part of this commitment, we have developed curriculum aims and activities which to ensure that the social and emotional wellbeing and resilience of the school community and all its partners is a strength. This focuses on the understanding of emotional wellbeing through lessons and the discussions therein, with individual mental strength being increased over time. Students develop core skills and learn a range of techniques to empower them with the tools they need to flourish. The content includes a range of theory that will help students understand the mind, learn about themselves and create healthy habits for life.

The Flourish Programme encompasses concepts such as growth mindset, goal setting, self-reflection, and resilience. Self-reflection and mindful approaches underpin the curriculum with the aim for students to ‘journal’ effectively as part of this process. As part of the Flourish programme different home activities are suggested to further complement the school community involvement. Our curriculum follows different formats with timetabled lessons, pastoral interventions, form-time activities, and our whole school approach to ‘Finish with a Flourish’.

‘Let us strive to flourish. More than we strive to accomplish’.

Curriculum Overview

Copy of Flourish Presentation for Students September 2022

Letter to external volunteers asking for help in expanding the programme 13 7 23