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Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) & Flourish

Through work in lesson time and a wide range of activities across and beyond the curriculum, students gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthily and deal with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues they face as they approach adulthood.

PSHE gives students opportunities to reflect on their experiences and how they are developing. It helps them to understand and manage responsibly a wider range of relationships as they mature, and show respect for the diversity of, and differences between people. It also develops students’ well-being and self-esteem, encouraging belief in their ability to succeed and enabling them to take responsibility for their learning and future choice of courses and career.

Students learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals and as members of their communities with more maturity, and independence. They become more self-aware, and are capable of moral reasoning. They take more responsibility for themselves and become more aware of the views, needs and rights of people of all ages. They learn how to plan and manage choices for their courses and career. They continue to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, coping well with their changing bodies and feelings. They also learn to cope with changing relationships and understand how these can affect their health and well-being. They make the most of new opportunities to take part in the life of the school and its communities.


Flourish (v.):   flour·ish    Flōrēre

  • To grow or develop in a healthy way; develop successfully; thrive in growth; to be in a vigorous state; to prosper; to be in one’s prime.
  • A whole school approach that focuses on understanding emotions and developing well-being.
  • A mental health education programme to introduce staff, students and parents to what good mental health is and how it can be developed.

Why Flourish?

To develop the social emotional well-being and resilience of whole school community. This will be a strength and recognised as a driver to success. To reduce stigma around mental illness.

Programme of Study Units:

  • Learn to flourish
  • A flourishing mind
  • Choose to flourish
  • Nourish to flourish
  • Time to flourish
  • Planning to flourish
  • Freedom to flourish

Useful well-being resources:

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