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Safeguarding our students


Nidderdale High School is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all students. The school's designated Safeguarding lead is Anneliese Walker, Senior Pastoral Officer and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Kath Jordan, Headteacher.

In school through the curriculum and through drop down days students develop the skills which they will need to be confident and stay safe in a range of situations, as well as to manage risk effectively, both in school and in the wider world. Vulnerable young people and their families are supported through a commitment to multi-agency, family-centred work, with school staff playing a lead role.

A range of policies provide a framework of protocols and procedures to enable our Safeguarding work to be carried out effectively. Copies of all policies relating to Safeguarding can be accessed on the Governance tab of the website.  All policies are listed in alphabetical order.  Safeguarding policies include:


a.    Child Protection Policy

b.    Anti-bullying Policy

c.    Behaviour Policy

d.    Single Equalities Scheme

We use guidance in the current DfE document Keeping Children Safe in Education.


All schools have a legal duty to protect young people from the risk of radicalisation, and to safeguard them from being drawn into terrorism. This is known as the "Prevent duty".   We achieve this through:

a.    PSHE lessons and drop down days which promotes tolerance and respect and teach about the dangers of extremism

b.    Robust web filtering systems to keep students safe online

c.    Support for vulnerable students and clear procedures for referrals

d.    Working in partnership with other agencies

e.    Appropriate training for staff and governors