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Supporting Students with Medical Conditions

We are an inclusive community and welcome students with medical conditions.  We support them to access as much of the curriculum to as they are able and provide all students with medical conditions the same opportunities as others at school. 

Parents/ carers are asked to tell us about student’s medical conditions as soon as possible so that we can begin to support them.

We know that certain medical conditions are serious and potentially life threatening  if poorly managed or misunderstood and therefore understand the importance of medication being given as instructed by healthcare professionals and parents.

The student, their parents/carers, health care professionals and agencies involved in the student's care  will be contacted and invited to provide information for a healthcare plan that will effectively support them. We will discuss symptoms, triggers, medication and consider all areas of managing the condition.  Should the student require emotional support, this will be accessed via the school nursing team or school pastoral staff.

Parents are asked to liaise closely with the school in the management of conditions particularly providing information to explain absences for medical appointments or periods of illness.

Useful links:

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·         Allergy UK